ANDRE BATO CORP released their installment to Jacob Jonas The Company’s Films.Dance series, EDGING NORMAL. Desmond Richardson, Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director of Complexions Contemporary Ballet, dances in the digital short directed by Andre Bato and choreographed by Jacob Jonas. EDGING NORMAL is the visual representation of one man’s struggle to shed his past in order to realize his freedom. In collaboration with Jonas, Bato created a romantically dark, almost eerie backdrop that acts in chorus with the tension in Richardson’s movements.  

EDGING NORMAL is the 5th film in the groundbreaking 15 part series produced under the creative direction of Los Angeles based Jacob Jonas The Company, which was shot across 25 countries with 150 premier artists during the height of COVID-19 quarantine.  Pushing what could be done creatively, during a time of unprecedented isolation, these films have the common thread of human resilience, what they were born from.


Director: Andre Bato
Choreographer: Jacob Jonas
DP: Arseni Khachaturan
EP: Maximilian Kurzweil
Grade: Joseph Bicknell - Company 3
Original Score: Steven Hackman & Dave Koz
Visual Effects: Tyler Givens
Title Design: Jordan Marks
Drone Light: Brooklyn Aerials


Creative direction

Post Production